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George Amorim

In 2009, George Amorim va defined a kind of catalan school of doublebass in his doctoral dissertation titled THE INFLUENCE OF GIOVANNI BOTTESINI (1821-1889) ON PEDRO VALLS (1869-1935):  AN ANALYSIS OF HOMENAJE À BOTTESINI (1906) BY PEDRO VALLS (University of North Texas). In the page 39 draws a lineage from Bottesini and through  José Roveda (Argentina), Pere Valls and Antón Torelló (Catalonia), linking the italian technique of playing of doublebass to the present times (2009) with the performers in the United States and United Kingdom. He shows for the first time something unique and unknown, and is that the american, british, and argentinian doublebassists are the inheritors of the Bottesini's playing technique developed in the XIX century.


We want to provide our contribution and expand the argument for future investigation and research studies, in which Josep Cervera-Bret legacy can be included, like Pere Valls students, and in particular for his wide range of musical compositions, unique in the history of music, and framed in a period of time without compositions for doublebass soloist, contributiong to fill a gap fo 50 years, a legacy alsmot unpublished (2013)

Joan Serinyà Gou

In 2015, Joan Serinyà Gou carried out his final degree project at the ESMUC in Barcelona focused on the Catalan legacy of Bottesini entitled: From Pere Valls to Josep Cervera: El llegat català de Giovanni Bottesini (From Pere Valls to Josep Cervera: The Catalan legacy of Giovanni Bottesini) , reviewing a period between the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century, represented by the three greatest exponents Pere Valls (1866-1935), Josep Cervera (1883-1969) and Antón Torelló ( 1884-1960).


In this work he exposes the influence that Bottesini had on certain performers, teachers and composers who, without being aware, a world nucleus of double bass instrument was preserved and they transmitted the knowledge and technique that Bottesini achieved and developed, and that nowadays it still lingers on a wide range of performers and composers in the United States.

Pere Valls as a teacher and composer, Josep Cervera as a composer and performer, and Antón Torelló as a performer and teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music.

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