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Berceuse was composed on July 30, 1942 in the Catalan town of Roses, and can be classified in the category of serious and introspective pieces that Josep Cervera-Bret wrote after 1940. At this time he tried to avoid the demonstration of virtuosity that characterizes many of His pieces from his early period are Tarantella or The Carnival of Venice.


Berceuse requires a high level of agility, and can technically be accessible to intermediate level performers who like musical challenges. It uses the entire extension of the fingerboard, starting with the middle expressive register, then continuing through the highest, and then very skillfully making its way towards the harmonics (the advanced use of the harmonics is a special attraction to approach the writing that Cervera did. for your instrument). Later he returns to the middle register to end with a calm bass.


After having contributed to the discovery and recovery of the 60 pieces that Cervera left at his family residence, Leon Bosch offers this edition for the first time for his interpretation through this edition under the imprint of "I Musicanti Publishing".


SKU: 9790900298690
  • Editorial: I Musicanti Publishing

    Editor: Leon Bosch

    Year of publication: 2020

    Number of pages: 11

    Contains: Piano score in orchestral tuning, score for double bass and piano score in solo tuning.

    Binding: Stapled

    The price shown does not include the VAT applicable to this type of product, which is 4.00%

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