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Introduction and Tarantel-la (this is the unusual spelling as it appears in the original manuscript), was completed on March 10, 1921 in Roses, his town of residence). As is characteristic of his early works and his virtuoso personality, he has a very secure writing, musical maturity and that clearly shows his courage in both facets of composer and performer.


The piece is very different from other better-known tarantellas for double bass in that the usual non-stop dance is preceded by a lugubrious and passionate introduction, which is also present in some of Cervera's later works such as Elegía and Nocturno.


This requires a strong musical imagination and mastery of the cantabile, while the fast main section requires a lot of agility with the instrument, as well as authority in the use of harmonics, used by Cervera to end the piece in such an exuberant way.


After having contributed to the discovery and recovery of the 60 pieces that Cervera left at his family residence, Leon Bosch offers this edition for the first time for his interpretation through this edition under the imprint of "I Musicanti Publishing".


SKU: 9790708194309
  • Editorial: I Musicanti Publishing

    Editor: Leon Bosch

    Year of publication: 2023

    Number of pages: 27

    Contains: Piano score in orchestral tuning, score for double bass and piano score in solo tuning.

    Binding: Stapled

    The price shown does not include the VAT applicable to this type of product, which is 4.00%

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