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In 1908, Josep Cervera visited London with his cobla (specific musical groups from Catalonia that still perform traditional musical compositions today), and we also know, from the correspondence he wrote to his parents, that his performances were very well received. both by the general public and by professionals in the sector. He wrote Recuerdo de Londres (Reminds of London) six years later, describing the sensations he experienced in an "Obligated Double Bass Fantasy".

The composition begins as a mischievous version of the universally known song "God Save The King." This is already revealed by a very eloquent introduction through a sequence of variations that combine "bel canto" and "bravura", Recuerdo de Londres presents a great number of technical challenges for any performer candidate to become a double bass virtuoso, with use very extensive of harmonic sounds, invoking the art of the cadenza apparently ad libitum. Josep Cervera's variations are very ingenious and his writing is a clear testament to his instrumental virtuosity.


After having contributed to the discovery and recovery of the 60 pieces that Cervera left at his family residence, Leon Bosch offers this edition for the first time for his interpretation through this edition under the imprint of "I Musicanti Publishing".


SKU: 9790708194262
  • Editorial: I Musicanti Publishing

    Editor: Leon Bosch

    Year of publication: 2023

    Number of pgess: 29

    Contains: Piano score in orchestral tuning, score for double bass and piano score in solo tuning.

    Binding: Stapled

    The price shown does not include the VAT applicable to this type of product, which is 4.00%

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