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More than 60 works for doublebass solo

 His extensive musical production is concentrated in major compositions for bass considered a solo instrument, then in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century this instrument was considered only in his role of monitoring and supports the other. This marked Josep Cervera Bret is composed his own pieces, to expand the existing repertoire that focused almost Bottessini, Nanny and Simadl in Europe, and Peter and Anton Torello Valls in Spain.


 Preserved in the family archive more than 60 compositions for double bass solo handwritten, dated between 1905 and 1962.


Method for double bass


Josep Cervera also wrote a method for bass that represents the continuation of tradition learned from his teacher Peter Valleys, which uses the chromatic fingering 1-3-4 and nomenclature of positions, starting with the first position.This method, which is also conserved in the family archive of manuscript bassist, proves to be an upper bass, where it is repeatedly on the bow that can be performed with the instrument and the study of sound natural and artificial harmonics, where the music appears written in real sounds, an 8 th under normal writing.

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