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Line of musicians

Josep CERVERA Rocalba

Josep CERVERA Rocalba

Selva de Mar, Mediados del siglo XIX

Castelló de'Empúries, 1910

 His father was Antonio Cervera-Vallmajor, from the small village called La Selva de Mar, and is known that was a musician and rope manufacturer.


 Born in 1830 in La Selva de Mar. Once settled in Castelló d'Empúries exercised his craft of rope manufacturer. That's why the Cervera family was reknown as "Can Corderet" (Small Roper). During the weekends he regularly walk away from Castelló to Roses to play in the "Hall Bosch" on Saturdays and Sundays.


 Married with Isabel Marquès, from the village of Begur, they had four children: Jaume, Felip, Augustí (all of them where also musicians) and Narcisa, the only girl. In 1884 and shortly after being appointed (1882) the first director of the School of Music Peralada Castle, Josep Cervera entered the orchestra Peralada along with their two sons, Felip and Augustí.

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