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Line of musicians

Josep Maria CERVERA Berta

Josep María CERVERA Berta

Figueres, 1904

Sant Feliu de Guíxols, 1998

  He was born in Figueres on October 16, 1904, son of Felip Cervera-Marquès and his second wife Carme Berta-Feixas.


 Studying primary education at De La Salle Christian Schools, where his father was a music teacher, having to eat fellow student Salvador Dalí. While his father made him study music, piano and violin but he does learn all the instruments and even bought him a cello and he says it would be a good clarinetist. Follow studied harmony and composition with composer Antonio Esperanza organist and piano with Mn. Isidro law who due to his age at times as a substitute organist at the church of Sant Pere de Figueres.


  This diverse and solid musical training allows you to combine teaching music since the age of 14 with his own studies aimed at the priestly career. Also found in the period 1919-1920 as a music teacher at the School of Agricultural Fortianell; lassalians brothers to school in Figueres, the seminar-school of Collell Win (1924) examinations in the square music master of the charity shops of Girona which was necessary for the teacher possessed the handling of all stringed instruments such as wind.

 In 1926 he joined the Seminary as a student and the internal couplet Art Girona will premiere Sardana "Early in the morning." Before, the regimental band of Figueres was released Sardana "Youth". The returns to Collel 1927 and 16 June 1929 was ordained a priest saying his first Mass seven days later. At this time he composed the Sardana "Sunset," "Near the source" and "Under the arches of the temple again." At this time we do the same for the parishes of St. Michael Campmajor (1930), Palafrugell (1933), Peralada (1944), Sant Feliu de Guixols (1946) and Santa Susanna Mercadal in Girona (1960) . In 1975, retires and goes to live in Sant Feliu de Guixols.


  This new phase allows greater activity in the field of music and literature. The City of Girona couplet he premiered in 1975, Sardana "Recalling Girona" and later wrote "The Three Brothers", "The Sierra Campmajor", "The plan of the witches," "The Castle Solius" "The work of the Remedy," "The Aulet", "Jafre, gentle people", "Calella, pearl of the Mediterranean", "our people" (four mixed voices), "Sea inside". It is also the author of the book "History of the Monastery of Sant Feliu de Guixols," "The chalice and the lyre" (anthology of poets, priests Girona), "Music and musicians of the church in the diocese of nineteenth and twentieth centuries" as well as an extensive and fascinating autobiography that was published but that is a true testimony of a life devoted to the priesthood and the music.

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