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Cobla "Antiga Pep"

Emili Cervera Lliuró (1985)

  The Cobla Antiga Pep was the continuation of the band who founded Josep Ventura, which bore his name, and which lasted until a few years after his death, which happened in Figueres on 25 March 1875, already unfolds before his disappearance when they separated several components, to form the Antiga Pep at the end of XIX th century, rebuilt all of its history is very difficult but not impossible.


 The Cobla Antiga Pep, that was founded in the late XIX th century go by, and finally disappear in 1952, during this period of over sixty years, had great triumphs and vast popularity in Catalonia and abroad, because of the quality of its components . In 1900 was when his fame started, and in 1907 was recognized as one of the best songs of the Catalan regional orchestras, if not the best. More than half of its components were soloists and composers.


  In October 25th of 1908, and for the first time in France acting in theaters Odeon and Olimpia de Paris and let them to know the Sardana in Europe, and for the first time recorded in Pahté Studios. Also on 16 November that year, do the same in the Coliseum Theatre in London, where a contract was offered to the band, for a two years tour to go to New York to offering concerts of sardana and act in a network of halls and theatres, but they refused it due to the inconvenience of travel and the long homa absence. Between 1909 and 1913 they travelled again to Paris, in addition to disseminating sardanes act in their best night clubs of international fame, the Moulin Rouge, for example, where they get tremendous success.

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