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 This "cobla" has gained several prizes and got a great success. In 1892 he submitted to the bands contest held in Barcelona on the occasion of the celebrations held by the discovery of America and won the third prize of 500 pesetas in original Candide Candi entitled "The Fairy Canigo".

In the contest of "Empordà " orquestras held in Barcelona on 27 September 1902, was awarded an honorable mention.


  In Cette (France) played by large contracted during some special holidays,  it will be taking with it two large palms probably in awe of our neighbors and as a pledge of the success of the justice, and tuning good taste with which interpreted the sardana, collected and composed a beautiful crown inmarcible  applause.


 He recently had the opportunity to travel twice to the major cities in Europe, centers of art and culture, Paris and London, becoming triumphant. Becasue of that, can be considered the Antiga Pep from Figueres, as one of the most renowned bands and dignified figure amongst the first class.  Jaume Turias holds the position of director and first tenora, and comprise the following professors: Mariano Calvet, second tenor;a Joan Badosa first tible; Lluci Badia, second tible; Enric Cullell, fluviol; Felip Trull, cornet, Antonio Vidal, second cornet, Joan Mont, first flugelhorn, Joan Sola, second flugelhorn; Josep Cervera, bass. As shown, this "cobla" is also incomplete because it lacks the trombones.

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