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This "Cobla" was created in 1892 in the city of Figueres, as the followers/splitting of the "Cobla  that Josep ("Pep") Ventura created.


It lasted 60 years, becoming one of the most renowned and international prestige at the early XXth century, placing the "sardana" to the most renowned theaters in Paris (Odeon, Olimpia, Moulin Rouge) and London (Coliseum). They did not accept a tour taking them to New York, because the journey was too long and the discomfort of being absent fromt heir homes and families. 


Josep Loredo is the manager of the blog "Formacions musicals de Catalunya", and included a long range of photos and the people who joined the orquestres "Cobla Antiga Pep", from 1904 to al 1952, when this Cobla disappeared. This blog also show valuable information about many "coblas" throughout Catalonia.The link to the blog can be followed from here:



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